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Here at Living Trust Educators, it is our chief objective to educate our clients on the benefits of living trusts and how they can protect you and your family from probate.

Probate is a scary thing for most families. Massive costs, extraordinary time commitment and completely avoidable headache!

By working with us you will be guided through the process of eliminating your exposure to probate completely.

You will have the peace of mind to never have to think about the huge problem of probate ever again. According to Legal Experts, nearly 80% of Americans do not even have a Will, let alone a Living Trust. This means that 80% of Americans will more than likely go through Probate. Trust us, you DO NOT want to go through Probate. It can take your family up to 4 years to get through and the average cost… $50,000.

Do you want all that money to disappear before your loved ones receive their inheritance?

We certainly don’t!

If you’re ready to get your planning started, click the button below to schedule a FREE, No Obligation, one on one meeting with our team to determine if a living trust is right for you.

Need more information?

Below are a few videos that explain in detail the importance of a Living Trust, Powers of Attorney, Wills and Probate, and the pitfalls of Joint Tenancy


“Bill and I found working with Living Trust Educators was simple, easy, and fast.
We felt they were professional and very knowledgeable, as well as personable.
We fell like we’ve made some great new friends”

Blanca & Bill L.

Kona, Hawaii

“We had put off getting our Full Estate Plan, including the Living Trust, done for
years and years… to finally have the chance to work with Samra, Craig and
Team at Living Trust Educators was literally wonderful! We tell everyone, do
yourself a favor, stop putting it off, LTE was the perfect solution to protect what
we’ve built”

Paul & Connie G.

Half Moon Bay, CA

“Like so many people we thought our Will was sufficient to protect our family.
After watching Craig’s Online Workshop, boy were we wrong! Living Trust
Educators is competent, thorough and answered all of our questions. What a
Great Experience!”

Giulia & Tim S.

San Mateo, CA

“I don’t have a lot, but I own my modest home and have some savings. I didn’t really understand how horrible Probate Court would’ve been for my kids had I relied on my Will. Thanks to Samra and Craig at LTE, I have kept them out of the horrible court proceedings called Probate. It was simple and quick! Thank You Living Trust Educators!”

Cindy K.

Salinas, CA

“One of my concerns in getting our Trust done, well, Full Estate Plan, was the cost. Our family attorney wanted like $4,000. I checked around and couldn’t find anyone truly qualified for less than about $3,500. When we got to know Samra, Craig and Living Trust Educators, and learned they worked directly with Estate Planning Attorneys all over the country who specialize in nothing but Living Trust Planning… and for less than $2,000 for our family… Wow!”

Ric & Pamela K.

Burlingame, CA

“My wife Sonja and I knew that Probate Court was a mess. We shopped attorneys and never felt comfortable with their typical approach and high cost. We were not sure about a legal document company, yea, I know, they’re registered, bonded and certified to do this type of legal doc stuff, but we thought the actual Trust, Power of Attorney, Advance Heathcare Directive, Pour-Over Will, and all would be very minimalistic… not much substance, you know, like Suzie what’s her name all over PBS. Man, not true with LTE. They know their stuff inside and out, I guess Craig’s been teaching for like 30 years… We are
extremely happy with them and the Estate Plan. Great Job.”

Sonja & Troy S.


Click the button below to schedule a FREE, No Obligation, one on one meeting with our team to determine if a living trust is right for you.

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